At the present moment personnel of the Centre is improving the system of a purposive marketing monitoring that allows better using possibilities of stimulation of a customer’s interest in a certain product or service. The Centre offers services for monitoring of a marketing strategy realization, its running correction, and placement of advertising materials in local mass media over Ukraine.

Besides, the Centre continues activities on studying public opinion, political processes and infomedia and offers services for monitoring of electronic and paper mass media, formation of a politician’s (a political parties) positive image, analysis of infomedia.


Marketing research

  • System of a purposive advertising and marketing monitoring
  • An advertising campaign conducting
  • Consultations on a products or services introduction into the market
  • Recommendations on an advertising strategy
  • Development and promotion of a brand or trademark
  • Public opinion preparation for a new product or trademark introduction (a company popularization)

 vector infographics free download 54530Political research

  • System of public opinion formation during an oblast administration.
  • System of public opinion formation during a town administration.
  • Development of party organizations
  • Public opinion formation
  • Working out of concepts (programmes) of development of political parties, public organizations and territories
  • Working out of party programmes
  • Coordination and management of regional party structures
  • Setting-up and work coordination of central and regional press services
  • Setting-up and support of information resources of political parties (newspapers, Internet-issues)