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 The Centre on Information Problems of Territories of National Academy of Science of Ukraine


About Centre


The Research-and-production Centre on Information Problems of Territories of National Academy of Science of Ukraine originated from the Department of Mathematical Modelling, established in 1983 and attached to a special engineering and design office of the Institute of Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics.

1989 the Department was reorganized in the small-scale enterprise “Regional information systems” (since 1993 the Research-and-production Centre on Information Problems of Territories). Since then experts of the Centre has been studying the Ukrainian society by means of mathematic models, a system of artificial intelligence and sociological studies.


Main lines of research-and-production activity of the Centre

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  • Elaboration of new technique of analysis and monitoring of territorial systems on the basis of up-to-date information technologies and mathematic modelling.
  • Examination of territorial characteristics of economic, natural, social and political processes on the basis of information systems and mathematic models.
  • Elaboration and application of territorial information analytic systems of different subjects and technologies, their use in territorial administration for working out of estimates, prognoses and projects of territorial development.

There are groups of experts of the Centre, who collect data and carry out public opinion polls, in all regions of Ukraine. The central office is situated in Lviv.

Elaboration of models of information perception by social systems is one of priorities of activity of the Centre. The models serve as a basis for technologies of formation of public opinion stereotypes in the regions of Ukraine using a purposive and controlled by sociological monitoring effect on public opinion by means of mass media.

Public opinion polls are carried out according to original methods of the Centre that allows ensuring high accuracy and efficiency of data processing at low value.

Since 1990 more then 3 000 public opinion polls, among them about 300 All-Ukrainian polls have been carried out. The Centre has a positive experience of co-operation with the close company “Obolon”, the subsidiary enterprise “Peremoga Nova” (products “Nasha Ryaba”), the newspaper “Vysokyj zamok”, the television channel UT-1, TVi, political parties and public organizations.

The technologies were many times used and tested during election campaigns of different levels in Ukraine, marketing research and advertising campaigns with a view to introduce products of different companies in the regions of Ukraine. The technologies were successfully tested in Russia and Poland as well.

The Centre carried out a sociological part of the project “Public examination. Freedom of speech” in 2000, research for the International Renaissance Foundation, permanent monitoring of public opinion for the Lviv City Administration during 1996-2002. Public opinion polls for regional and state administrations in the different regions of Ukraine, political parties, public organizations as well as advertising and marketing research ordered by many large and midsize companies are regularly carried out.

The book “Choice of Ukraine – 99”, which principal part was wrote by experts of the Centre, was declared one of three best Ukrainian political books in 1999. 2000 experts of the Centre published the book “Ethnopolitical world map in the 21 century”, in which possible versions of changes in the world political map in the 21 century were considered.